Safety & FAQ


The maze is extremely safe AND FUN for all ages!

If you’re worried about your little ones, we’re already one step ahead of you! Trust us, the last thing we wanted was your kid screaming and/or crying in the middle of the maze – this is supposed to be fun, remember!? We designed the maze so children are able to crawl underneath the panels and easily find their way out! We’re basically geniuses.

The maze is also suitable for children with various medical conditions. We’ve worked with Children’s Hospital, as well as many other organizations who host events for people of different physical and mental abilities. We are extremely proud to say that we have designed a maze to be especially wheel chair friendly and safe.

How large is the maze?
Our standard size is 45′ x 60’… almost the size of a basketball court!

The cube maze is about the size of a school bus!

How long does it take to build the maze?
Setup and takedown generally take 1-2 hours each for the walk-through maze. The cube takes between 30 minutes and an hour to set up.

How far in advance do I need to book?
We suggest you book as far in advance as possible to ensure your date. We get some bookings 6 months in advance! Thumbs up to all of you organized folk.

How many people can be inside the maze at one time?
Let’s just say we’ve done some really large events with between 5,000-25,000 attendees. That’s not to say our maze will hold 25,000 people at one time, because that’d just get weird. Probably more like 100 at a time.

May I rent the maze by the hour?
No, the maze is rented by the day.

Can the maze be setup indoors?
Yes. The modular components can be assembled indoors and outdoors. We even have floor pads to protect gym floors! Indoor setups may require an additional fee, if the truck and trailer cannot be brought inside.

I need a different dimension to fit the space I have in mind, is it possible?
Yes – anything is possible. We have several different shapes and sizes you can pick from, but any custom designs or sizes will require an additional fee.

Is the maze safe?
Yes! The maze is extremely sturdy and was designed with enough space on the bottom for people to crawl under if they need to get out. The cube maze is also designed to allow parents to remove children through latched doors, if needed.

The ground in my location is uneven/hilly can I still rent the maze?
We try to accommodate all locations, however, this could pose a problem. Small bumps or dips are usually OK, but if you think it might be too uneven, please send a picture of the location for us to better assess!

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